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We have the background and expertise required to create your Web site. Artronic Development understands the needs of small businesses and non-profit organizations as well as the complexities of a large, corporate Web site. We talk with you, determine your requirements, then help you decide the best Web approach.


The Web sites we create and maintain comply with current standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to ensure the widest possible readership. In addition, we track and take advantage of the latest Web developments without jeopardizing your site visitor's ability to read your material.


If you desire special customization or extensions which deviate from the current standards, optimize for particular browsers, or utilize new Web features and technologies, we can provide such special work as well.

Can't I do this myself?

Tools may let you build your own Web pages, but it may surprise you to learn that many of the Web authoring tools available create pages which do not meet the current standards. Thus, even though a page may look fine on your equipment, it may not be useful on others, preventing your message from being understood properly.

Good electronic design differs from print. With printed matter, everyone sees what you see on the paper (subject to their physical abilities, of course). With electronic information, however, what is actually displayed to the reader may vary depending upon the equipment and software they are using. In fact, some people "reading" your pages may be sight impaired and using programs which try to translate your visual page into audible content. Others throughout the world may be reading your same page translated into a foreign language. There are various techniques which may be employed when crafting your pages to allow such alternate renditions to be performed more easily and reliably.

A good Web site will include appropriate links to other portions of your own site as well as to related information on other sites. As those sites are changed, it is not uncommon for the link references to become obsolete. Periodic checks and maintenance are required to avoid presenting your site visitors with broken links.

Your pages should comply with the changing standards so someone using a newer or older Web browser than you have, or using one of the dozens of other browsers available can still read your pages correctly. In addition to using syntax checking software, we routinely test pages on a variety of different hardware platforms and operating systems.

Then, of course, there is a need to understand the issues of size and speed of download raised by the Bandwidth Conservation Revival. The list goes on, but you get the idea. Keeping up with the changes in Web technologies can become quite time consuming!

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