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Papers and Presentations

These are some papers and presentations which we have held at meetings such as those of the Arizona Regional Users Group and the InterWorks Conference & Exhibition. We hope you find them of value.

Watch this location for future additions as they become available. In most cases, we will provide an abstract, outline, and "slide presentation" in addition to the complete paper.

Software Packages

Artronic Development participates in several aspects of freely available, Open Source software. Although it is usually copyright, such software is released under a license which makes it freely available to others. Be certain to refer to the particular licenses noted in each package for complete details. These are the packages which we make available:

In addition, the software described in "Website Tips and Examples" and "Scripts for Linux and HP-UX" is freely available. Links to that software are contained within the respective presentations.


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(Updated 12 Aug 2006)