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Web Terminology and Definitions

If you are somewhat unfamiliar with the World Wide Web, you may find that (as with any technology which is new to you) there are some words and acronyms which you need to know to understand discussions about the Web. In fact, some concepts have multiple and even mis-used names associated with them. Here are some very brief definitions of some of the terms you are most likely to encounter in your travels and in our papers.

Software which formats Web pages for viewing; the Web client
European Particle Physics Laboratory in Switzerland; the place where Tim Berners-Lee worked when he created the Web in 1990
Domain Name
the portion of a Web site's address (or URL) which has been registered with one of the name authority organizations; normally, it has two parts: a unique name of the site owner's choosing, a dot, and finally the "top level domain" (e.g. "com") or "country code" (e.g. "us"); it does not include the "www" which is used traditionally for Web sites - that is used to identify a particular machine within the domain
Graphics Interchange Format; a graphics format used on Web pages
Hypertext Markup Language; the format of pages on the Web
Computers on networks linked to each other throughout the world
Joint Photographic Experts Group; a graphics format used on Web pages
Home Page
The first page you see when you start your browser -- often used (erroneously) to mean the first of a logical set of related Web pages or the Welcome Page or even the entire Web site
Hyperlink or hypertext
A special part of a Web page (it may be text or graphic) which causes a new page to be displayed when it is selected, often by clicking on it
National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champlain campus; the folks who created Mosaic, the first browser which combined text, color, and graphics and initiated the boom in Web use. Its code was used as the basis for other popular browsers such as Netscape and MSIE.
Moving Picture Experts Group; a format used on Web pages to show motion; video
Portable Network Graphics; a graphics format used on Web pages
Uniform Resource Locator; a Web address -- ours at Artronic Development is
Web Page
All the text, graphics, and sound visible with a single access to a Web site; what you see when you request a particular URL
Web Server
The hardware and software required to make Web pages available for delivery to others on networks connected with yours
Web Site
A collection of electronic "pages" of information on a Web server
The person or people responsible for the technical operation of a Web site
Welcome Page
The first page a reader sees when accessing your URL
World Wide Web
An Internet service facilitating access to electronic information -- also known as the Web, WWW, or W3

This page is available in "DOC" format for use in devices such as the 3Com/Palm using compatible applications.


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