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(Note: This was presented first at the InterWorks conference held April 10-13, 2000 in Las Vegas, NV.)

Outline For "One Box, Two OSs at the Same Time"

This presentation assumes you already have a working knowledge of the Linux and MS Windows NT. It will cover a method for utilizing multiple operating systems on a single machine. The abstract provides an overview of the topic and the outline is below. Presentation slides are available.

One Box, Two OSs at the Same Time

Selected Web References in this presentation (for people with printed copies)

Full paper for this presentation
Caldera Open Linux Web site
Microsoft Web site
VMware Web site

This presentation was prepared by Artronic Development for the benefit of our prospective clients and our associates. To learn more about the Web, please refer to the other papers which are also on this Web site.

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(Updated 10 APR 2000)