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For your convenience, we have made some of our pages and "White Papers" available in "DOC Format". This is not the format used by some popular word processors which save their information in files ending with the extension ".doc". Rather, it is the format used frequently by document reader applications for hand-held personal digital assistant (PDA) devices such as the Palm/USRobotics/3Com/Handspring and similar devices, The file extension used for such files is ".pdb".

If you have such a device, but do not have an application which reads "Doc Format", you might want to try obtaining one of these readers:

Get CSpotRun! Get SmartDoc

Each offers its own set of features, advantages, and disadvantages.

(As of this writing C Spot Run is free but the others listed above require payment to their respective authors. Also consider this list of other DOC format readers.)

This is not intended to be an endorsement or advertisement for any of the software listed above. These links are merely offered as examples for the convenience of those who wish to locate a DOC reader. Other DOC readers are available which are not listed here, so you might want to check the various resources available for your device for another, compatible reader which suits your needs. DOC reader software is not a product of Artronic Development.


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(Updated 23 Jul 2008)