Scripts for Linux and HP-UX

David W. Eaton
Artronic Development
4848 E. Cactus Rd. - Suite 505-224
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
Chip Richards
(email now inactive)
P.O. Box 39489
Phoenix, Arizona 85069
Original: March 1999
Updated: March 2003


We will discuss techniques and scripts used to help administer several networks of HP-UX and Linux machines.

This presentation will help you learn:

  1. Some sample scripts which help technical users and administrators on both HP-UX and Linux systems
  2. Methods for managing and deploying freely available software via the /opt directory
  3. Experiences dealing with a mixed HP-UX and Linux network


Perl has been used widely by system administrators for many years. This presentation will discuss some perl scripts that are freely available and which have been found to be of use to administrators and software developers on both HP-UX and Linux systems. It will also discuss some techniques that may make it easier to utilize other freely available software.

For example, we will offer a technique you might use to manage software loaded in your /opt directory as well as scripts to help automate the technique.

Biographical Sketch:

Dave Eaton and Chip Richards operate their own businesses (Artronic Development and NiEstu respectively). Primarily software developers, both also administer HP-UX and Linux in their mixed networks.

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